Araguaia State Park

Since 2006 we have been providing direct conservation services to the region bordering the Araguaia State Park on the Rio das Mortes (River of the Dead) in northeastern Mato Grosso State. With the annual rise of settlers moving into the region came an increase in fishing pressure on its rivers and lakes. One of the animals most affected was the turtles, two species in particular: tartaruga and tracajá. To sway the tide and help nature rebound, a nesting protection project was launched that not only protects eggs laid by the turtles on the beaches but also includes raising the hatchlings to an age where predation decreases dramatically — allowing a much larger percentage to reach adulthood. The following photos show the process of transplanting the eggs to a safe haven protected from predators, as well as bringing local schoolchildren along with their teacher, Nair Barbosa de Souza, out for the day of release as part of an environmental education program. At this event, more than 2,000 turtles were released back into the river.


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