Fazenda Rancharia (private ranch)

On September 21, 2017, a Brigada Aliança support vehicle was taking supplies to the Xingu Indian Reservation base camp located at the Kamayurá Village. During the 300-kilometer drive the support team, composed of firefighters Araujo and Santos, were contacted by a local rancher whose private forest reserve was on fire. In desperation, he pleaded for support — which both men agreed to provide as they were in that immediate region and had intimate knowledge of that ranch, having trained volunteer firefighting personnel there previously. Upon arriving on the scene, they encountered a massive forest fire so they began to conduct an immediate site evaluation and plan of attack. Using employees from the property, they deployed into the forest with hand tools consisting of rakes, hoes, shovels and blowers, and began constructing fire lines from which to launch suppression tactics. After four days of round-the-clock measures, the small team successfully put the fire out, saving thousands of acres of forest in the process.