When all the other firefighting units stop, Aliança Fire Brigade continues and will not stop until the last fire is extinguished”

- Edimar Abreu, Chief of Aliança Fire Brigade

Our Work

Brigada Aliança exists to eliminate fires across the Amazon Basin and establish frontier governance where none exists. We empower local inhabitants by teaching responsible agricultural practices and training firefighters. Together, these serve as frontline resistance against the destruction of the Amazon.

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Brigada Aliança’s goal is to eliminate wildfire from the Amazon. “Action, Not Words” is our motto. To deploy, we need money. The limited funds we have raised since 2009 have delivered historical results. Now we want to expand that model quickly in order to protect vulnerable forests elsewhere that, without our help, most certainly will burn.


The Economist | May 26, 2005

The Amazon’s Texan saviour

Can John Cain Carter, an American rancher, save the rainforest?   At the helm of a second-hand Cessna aircraft, John Cain Carter is as preoccupied…

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Mongabay | October 16, 2007

Amazon rainforest burning “worst” in memory

By Rhett A. Butler   Fires continue to rage in the Amazon, according to local reports.   John Cain Carter, a rancher who runs Aliança…

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NPR | November 5, 2007

Amazon Fire Wars Exacerbate Global Warming

By Christopher Joyce   In Brazil, it’s the end of the burning season, when people use fire to clear land for farms and ranches. But…

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