When all the other firefighting units stop, Aliança Fire Brigade continues and will not stop until the last fire is extinguished.”

- Edimar Abreu, Chief of Aliança Fire Brigade

Our Mission

Brigada Aliança's mission is to eliminate fires across the Amazon Basin and to establish frontier governance where none exists. We empower local inhabitants by teaching responsible agricultural practices and training firefighters. Together, these individuals serve as frontline resistance against the destruction of the Amazon.


In the Press


Brazil Nonprofit Goes Private to Boost Rural Green Practices

A company in Brazil that once operated as a nonprofit is showing that reducing land clearing and boosting agriculture don’t have to be at odds….

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BBC One | February 2018

Earth’s Natural Wonders series 2 – Episode 1: Surviving the Extreme

Earth’s Natural Wonders are parts of the natural world that nature has carved on such a scale, that they beggar belief – vast mountain ranges,…

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MidiaNews | August 25, 2017

Incêndio no Parque Estadual do Araguaia é apagado

Foram lançados 10.000 litros de água para combater o fogo   DA REDAÇÃO   Depois de seis dias de combate a equipe de emergências ambientais…

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